Online Booking

This page allows you to make an online booking for your chiropractic I'm aware that I'm not always the easiest to get hold of!


Before you can make a booking, however, you need to know which type of appointment is most appropriate for you.....below is a guide to help you (if you are an existing patient then skip the "New to the Clinic" section):


New to the Clinic?

Before I can treat you, I need to know what has been happening with your body, which areas are functioning as they should and which are not. In order to do that, I need to take a history and conduct an examination. Therefore, if you've never been to the clinic before, then you will need to book either a New Patient Appointment or a Spinal Screen. 

Spinal Screen appointment is for those that aren't sure whether chiropractic is the correct path or not and consists of a quick chat about the issue and cursory examination in order to triage the problem. If it is a chiropractic case then we move on to a New Patient appointment, but if it's not then I will do my best to advise you on your options moving forward. This appointment takes approx. 40mins and is free of charge.

New Patient appointment (Full NP Appointment w/o SS) is for those that already know/feel that chiropractic is the correct path and consists of a full history, exam, report of findings and first treatment. The appointment takes approx. 1hr and there is a charge attached.


Existing Patient?

If you are a regular patient and have been in for a treatment within the last 6 months then book a Treatment Appointment (Full / Corporate / Student / Child Treatment Appointment) 

If you are a regular patient that hasn't been in for over 6 months, but has been since March 2020 (start of COVID) then book a Re-Assessment Appointment

If you are a regular that hasn't been in since March 2020 (start of COVID) the book a Return From Lockdown Appointment

When you hit the button below, you will be taken to the Online Booking site and asked to sign in using your Username and Password. If this is you 1st time using the site, then you can create a Username and Password at the same site (you will only have to do this process once......assuming you remember what they are!😉!). You can then chose which clinic you want to book in with, which treatment type is the most appropriate and final which day and time suits you best 👍🏼