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COVID-19 Update (07/10/20)

I am pleased to say that, after guidance from our regulators (the GCC), our association (the SCA), insurers and the government (both British and Scottish), both the Stirling and King's Manor clinics are now back open for business.....with a couple of changes to procedures! Prior to attending the clinic, I need to complete a screening call with patients and they need to complete a couple of online forms. I'm required to wear PPE (gloves, visor, mask and apron) and you are required to wear a face covering while in the clinic (mask, scarf, snood etc.) I am only making every other time slot available so that only one patient is in the clinic at any point in time. A rigorous cleaning regime is also in place within the clinic in order to minimise the risks to my patients and myself.


For my clinic at The Fountain Spa within the King's Manor Hotel, I also need to adhere to their protocols too. Patients will be required to pay for their treatment the day before their appointment over the phone with the hotel Reception on 0131 468 8001. On the day of the appointment, please arrive no earlier that 5mins before your time slot and I will come down to the spa reception to collect you (as you won't be allowed to come up the stairs without me being with you - there is a waiting zone in reception). 

Hopefully that all makes sense (!) but we can chat about any questions during the screening call prior to your appointment 👍🏼 Looking forward to seeing you all back in the clinics soon 😁

Clinic Hours:
The Stirling Clinic


Tuesday:                       8am - 12pm


                                     2pm - 8pm

Thursday:                      8am - 12pm


                                      2pm - 8pm

Saturday:                     9am - 2pm

The Musselburgh Clinic


   Monday:                   8am - 12pm

                                    (Alternate Weeks)

Wednesday:                   8am - 1:40pm


                                         5:20pm - 8pm

The Stirling Clinic

The Riverside Clinic

41 Forth Crescent



The Musselburgh Clinic

Best Western Kings Manor Hotel

The Fountain Spa

100 Milton Road East


EH15 2NP

Tel: 07510 231913

Email: caledonianchiropractic@gmail.com

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